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Tis the Month of May, when we celebrate Mother’s Day.

Let I be remiss I wish to take this opportunity to say a few words to honor Mother’s everywhere, and even more so the Great Mother of all who brings life to all her creatures great and small, and yet takes time to lovingly provide for them all.

Where would we all be, if it were not for our Mothers? Very simply we wouldn’t be here at all. May I invite you to take a few moments every day, rather than just on Mother’s Day to let your Mother and the many other Mother’s in your life know how special and amazing they truly are.

Stop too and consider, the Divine who embodies the aspect of all Mothers. Without her gracious gifts of life and sustenance we would not be able to experience the greatest adventure of all, our life.

The spirit of Motherhood springs from the very well of life and love itself. To bring forth life and nourish it to fruition, is the most magnificent journey combined with the giving of one of life’s most loving gifts. You are the gift when you live your life to love and care for another.

May your day, and all the days you are blessed with be richly blessed with opportunities to be loving and kind to others, thus embodying the spirit of the Greatest Mother of all life.


Kerrie UniFaith

When in doubt as to what to do, always allow Love to be your guide.


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This morning as I was heading out to my car I stopped to observe the perfect beauty and synchronization of flight in a large flock of birds flying by over head. It took several minutes for them all to pass. I must admit I was quite awed by their beauty and the perfect synchronization of their flight. Each bird was equally spaced within the flock. They all traveled together at the same speed in the same direction. No one crowded anyone else nor did they collide. All the birds were calling out to each other as if to spread encouragement about their shared journey. It was an amazing and simply beautiful sight. I felt blessed to be gifted with the opportunity to observe them.

As I sit before my computer now considering the lesson contained in this example from nature, it comes to me that all of nature performs in an eloquently beautiful synchronized dance of perfect balance. It is only when man interferes that the balance is destroyed. Which leads to my next question. Why has man become so out of balance with nature? The same great Being who made man formed all of nature as well. Indigenous cultures live in harmony with natures cycles, it is only the modern industrialized cultures that have lost this sense of balance. What is it about us that separates us from our fellow creatures to the point that we have lost our sense of balance and harmony that we were born with?

Has man become to arrogant for his own good? Has the idea of superiority so infused our Being that we have lost touch with our roots and become a dis-ease in the garden; rather than the care takers of our home, which we were meant to be?

Man was intended to care for the garden and nourish it, not to abuse and over use it. We have fallen so far from our intended roll. We were meant to use only what was needed for our sustenance. Man should live in synchronized balance with all of nature, as other creatures do. Due to our lack of balance it appears that we have forgotten who we are, and why we are here.

For balance to be restored man will need to remember that we are a part of nature not separate from it. We are meant to fly together in perfect synchronization. What we do to this planet and our fellow creatures, we are in fact doing to ourselves, for all are connected. To regain our balance as living beings within the intricate web of life; we must release our greed and our belief in mans superiority. If we do not do so, we shall continue to be the disease that eventually destroys us all.

I hope man kind will learn the needed lessons to restore health, balance and harmony to this lovely planet we call home. This truly is an amazing and beautiful place, in spite of all we have done to it. Nature has amazing restorative power, it is not yet to late to heal our home.

Namaste my friends. May you each tend your garden well.

Kerrie UniFaith

“Do only that which is right.”

When in doubt as to what is right, let love be your guiding light.

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Oh God, Most Compassionate and Merciful One; Who hears us all as we cry out to you in many languages, as you are called by many names. Yet you are One who hears and Loves us all immeasurably.

As we face these times of uncertainty and frustration, I pray for your Greater Love to pour out of me; and many others who hear your call to Be the One; when sorrow and sadness come, to comfort those who weep.

Let me Be One, when anger and frustration flares, who calls out in Love to still the storm. Help me to Be the calming presence of your peace.

Help me to Be One, who in times of darkness holds up the shining Light of your Love for all to see.

Help me to Be One, who helps to cleanse and heal the wounds of those who are filled with pain and suffering here.

Help me to Be One who reaches out in Love, Kindness and Compassion to all who are in need.

May your abundance flow from me, to bring Comfort, Peace, Healing, and Love to all I see. Let your Spirit Be in Me, that we may all find Peace and Love within your Unity. Blessed Be your Holy Presence in our lives.

Shalom Elohim, Namaste, Blessed Be… to all.

Kerrie UniFaith

“Do only that which is right”

When in doubt as to what is right, Let Love be your guiding Light.

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“You, are an orphan no more..” I Love this line from one of my favorite movies, A Walk in the Clouds, with Keanu Reeves. There are so many times in our lives when we feel isolated by circumstances that seem beyond our control. It is during these times, when all seems lost, that we need to know, we are orphans no more. We are all connected at the root of our humanity. Truly, whatever affects one of us, on some level affects us all. We are all flowers in the same beautiful garden. The same gardener water’s us all.

We each have our own part of this vast garden to personalize, and create our own vision of the beauty we carry within. Whenever you feel isolated, look around you, and you will see your fellow flowers are blooming with love to share with you. It may not always appear so on the surface, but truly love is all you are, and love is our only real reality. When we forget this truth we begin to live in fear, which isolates us. We see others as a threat, or as competition for all we think we need.

My dear friends, you already have all that you will ever need within you. There is an abundance of love for all of us. The Great Spirit, who is our Mother and Father has provided for every circumstance in your life. Open your heart like a flower blooming to loves nourishing light. Ever are you in the Creators hand. No real harm may ever touch you. True events occur which are painful to experience. But, these events are only temporary, and will assist you in your growth in the long run. Your truest self, your highest essence will never die, or be harmed by the experiences you have here in this life.

To help ourselves reach the goal of peace of mind, we need to remember we have two choices in how we perceive the people and events in our lives. We can live in fear and perceive others as a threat and be either offensive or defensive in return. Or we can live in love, and see others actions as a call for help from one who has lost their path in the track of fear.  We can forgive their actions, and release both ourselves, and them to the healing power of love. Love brings joy, peace and unity. Love is all that is beautiful, kind and good about this life. When we recognize that Love is the root of our life, the root of our family, we will be orphans no more.


Kerrie UniFaith

“Do only that which is right.”

“When in doubt as to what is right, let Love be your guiding light.”

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How time marches on. Already a New Year is upon us. After the Merry making and good wishes are behind us, what do you want to do before diving headlong into the busy rush of this new year? Why do you suppose that we mark this time as such an auspicious occasion? Could it be that we all need a time set aside to celebrate the accomplishments we have achieved, and reflect on what we would like to bring into our experience for the new year? I think we do all need a time to reflect, a time to pause and consider what we might have done differently, and what we wish to create in our life now.

To truly enjoy the pure beauty and sacredness of life, you must be present in this moment. If your mind is busy elsewhere you will miss this incredible opportunity to Be. Take time now in this moment to simply Be Present. Let your mind be still, breathe, and occupy this moment as if it were all you would ever experience. Savor it.

When you have done this you will be far better prepared to create each new experience you wish to Be a part of in the coming year. Remember, even though we live in a society dominated by time, to Be present in the stillness of this moment is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself. The greatest gift you may ever bestow on yourself, or another, is always Love. In order to really enjoy the sweetness of the love that surrounds you however, you must stop, and savor it.

As we all pause to reflect, and consider our next creation, for this new year, I invite you to bring the beauty and stillness of each single moment into your experience. May Love and Light always surround you, and may all your journeys be blessed. Namaste.

Kerrie UniFaith

Do only that which is right.

When in doubt as to what is right, let Love be your deciding Light.

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Inspirational thoughts

A Moments Gift

“The gentle kiss of mornings light awakens me from nights embrace.

Soft cool breezes caress my skin, lite as a Lovers touch.

Intoxicated by the sweet scent of wild flowers in radiant bloom.

My senses float on a river of sound, as a chorus of birds and insects sing.

mesmerized I watch a humming-bird conduct a symphony of tiny wings, accompanied by a thousand leaves that dance and sparkle with the breeze and sunlight.

A bounty of delectable foods await my delight.

I close my eyes and savor the cool sweetness of that first juicy bite.

I pause to reflect and enjoy the simple pleasure of this gift from the Divine.

All experience happens now, in the river of time.

Namaste,  Kerrie UniFaith

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This is a very powerful exercise you can use to increase your sense of compassion and connectedness with others. It can be used with anyone, whether you know them or not. It can be used while standing in line at the store or bank, or even while waiting in traffic. Use with Love as your guide.

Step 1: With attention on the person, (that you are thinking of, or looking at)  repeat to yourself:

“Just like me, this person is seeking some happiness for his/her life.”

Step 2 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:

“Just like me, this person is trying to avoid suffering in his/her life.”

Step 3 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:

“Just like me, this person has known sadness, loneliness and despair.”

Step 4 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:

“Just like me, this person is seeking to fulfill his/her needs.”

Step 5 With attention on the person, repeat to yourself:

“Just like me, this person is learning about life.

Thank you to My Spiritual Mentor’s Jerry and Jay Wall of TCNK.org for this exercise


Namaste  Kerrie UniFaith

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