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Love Is…

“Love is the hammer that breaks the jar you are trapped in.
Love is the warm embrace of a friend who helps you hold on for another day.
Love is the breath of the Universe you find yourself in.
Love is the one who weeps when you bleed with pain your words cannot express.

Love is the presence that gently heals your wounds.
Love whispers my Dear, everything will be okay.
Love carries you through the darkest of days.
Love is Hope for a better day.”
♥written by Kerri Lynn Hays aka Kerrie UniFaith
Dedicated with Love to a beautiful friend, who lives in a world of deepest pain, but who is breaking free to live another day. To everyone who shares the pain of living with an eating disorder or who cuts to express a pain they cannot utter; I pray for your healing and peace. May all suffering end in the arms of Love. Namaste ♥

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From the One who Loves Us all ♥

When you are up to your neck
In despair…
Know that I will be there
I deeply care.

I Love you and care for you
I deeply understand your pain.
I’ve been there too.I will always be here for you.
Simply Loving you.
I formed you before the world was new.
In my heart.I will never ever leave you!!
I could not.
You are a precious part of my heart.
And you always will be.”
Written with Love for someone very Dear to me.
by Kerri L Hays aka Kerrie UniFaith

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The Rivers Edge

“Scream softly into the silence
Whisper, is anyone out there?
Dive into the ocean of my soul.
It’s such a long way down
to the bottom of the river.

Deep down under the river
I am fighting myself for who I am.
I grab for the familiar to escape
drowning in that which I know I am.
To embrace myself I must take this journey.

Down, to the bottom of the river
My soul waits watching the struggle
As I die to all I am not
I can breathe again
I will rise up and be free within.

To be who I am
To Love myself again
To be free to live uncompromised
To Love another
and see myself within their eyes.

I stand at the river’s edge looking in
deep down I see all I have been
at the bottom gleaming softly
lies the key to all I can be.
Take a breath, I’m going in.”

Written by Kerri Lynn Hays aka Kerrie UniFaith

note: This poem is about my inward journey.

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