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While searching for applicable quotes to use on my blog today as I contemplate the magic of spring and the renewal of life it brings, I came across this one by Michael Teal, I hope you will enjoy.

“Transform your thoughts and embrace love as a way of life. Your souls dance is one of great joy and by acknowledging its beauty you foster the awakening spirit and create positive outcomes in all aspects of life. The essence of being alive is to live like you mean it and transform limiting beliefs. By doing so you inspire the heart which will in return guide you along a path of bliss to a happy and passionate life.” (Michael Teal: source Gaiam quotes blog)

Truly one of the most important steps we take as we seek to transform our lives, is to begin with our thoughts. As the Great Buddha once said, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

In natures cycle new life springs forth from the decay of winter. In like manner we are able to transform old decaying thoughts and beliefs, which limit and enslave us; into new patterns which free and transform us. Each day we live and breathe is an opportunity to become the loving compassionate beings we were born to be.

Today as we step into the beautiful gift we have been blessed with, I invite you to celebrate the magic of spring in your own life, as you transform your thoughts to create yourself anew. Life is a shining miracle, and each day a blessed gift.

As you observe the wonder of spring once again, allow yourself the simple joy you once held in years gone by. As children we embraced the mystery with a pure and simple joy as we observed flowers opening, birds singing, squirrels playing, and the magical grace of a butterfly first opening its wings…. Every sunrise and sunset is a banquet for your soul a feast for your eyes. Forget not the joy of the simple things.

May all your days be blessed with the  joy to be found in the mystery’s of life; in all its simple complexities. Even more so, forget not to take time to be filled with joyful awe in the loving presence of the Ever Compassionate One who makes all of life possible.

Namaste,  Kerrie UniFaith

“When in doubt as to what to do, always allow love to be your guide.”


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Today, I contemplate the wonder, and the magnitude of G’D’s Great Love for each of us, the works of his hands. When I contemplate the essence of G’D, I see vast unconditional love; mercy, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and provision for every need. I see a G’D who deeply loves both you and me. The G’D I see loves every person of every race and faith unconditionally.

Each one of us reflects the portion of G’D’s great light that we perceive. Our growth and view will naturally vary according to our experiences and perceptions of G’D found within our culture and faith. G’D is so vast and unlimited in Love for all mankind, that G’D is able to guide each one in their continued growth and expanding understanding of the love contained within the heart of the Divine. It is our understanding of this love which we daily portray in our lives; through our interactions with others.

In light of the resent outbreak of tornado’s I consider his great mercy. So many lives were spared. I am deeply grateful for each one. As these storms ravaged our land I simply prayed, “G’D save those who are in harm’s way. Let them live to see another day. Have mercy upon them this day.” Property is replaceable. People are not.” Considering the number of violent tornado’s that touched down on Friday, March 2nd 2012, we were very blessed, that so few lives were taken. G’D in his great mercy spared many lives, which could have been lost.

For your contemplation today I have a selection of verses from the Hebrew scriptures that reflect the loving-kindness of G’D. There are many more, but these especially stand out for me. I hope you also find peace and unconditional love for you, in these passages.

“Long ago the LORD said to Israel: “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.” Jeremiah 31:3

“I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love; I lifted the yoke from their neck and bent down to feed them.” Hosea 11:4

And again, “For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his loving-kindness for those who fear (*my added interpretation: “revere”) him.” Psalms 103:11

“Surely goodness and loving-kindness will follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” Psalms 23:6

From IslamicSolutions.com Dr Pasha speaks of the Holy Qur’an‘s teachings on the loving-kindness and mercy of G’D:

“Just like we cannot think of rain or ocean without water; or of forest without trees; or of desert without sand; or of sky without sun, moon and the stars; in the same way we cannot also conceive of God without the qualities of love, compassion and mercy.

The Qur’an tells us over and over that Allah’s greatest attribute is his infinite love and his boundless mercy and compassion. God is, says the Qur’an, Rahmaanand Wadood: most merciful and most loving. The Qur’an makes it perfectly clear that nothing falls outside the bounds of God’s most amazing and all-encompassing grace.” (Dr. Pasha)

From the Native American perception Black Elk wisely observed that:

“Peace…comes within the souls of [human beings] when they realize that at the center of the Universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere. It is within each of us.”

Buddha in his G’D given wisdom declared that:

“In the end, these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you love? How deeply did you learn to let go?”

Every faith and tradition speaks of the importance of love, and most importantly, the great presence of the unconditional love the Divine daily blesses us with. May this love, ever be your guide.


Kerrie UniFaith

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