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“G’D Gave Me You”

Good-morning. I woke up extra early this morning, so I could spend a little extra time with my daughter before she left for work; and then have this special time with all of you.

Just before I woke I dreamed I was giving a message in a church about how very Blessed we all are. Part of the message I gave was, that instead of saying “this is my husband/partner and these are my children”, how much better it is to say “this is the husband/partner that G’D gave me, and these are the children G’D has given me to love.” “These are the friends and family that G’D has given me.” For truly everyone is a gift of Divine love! Each one has the potential to help us grow.

When we look at everyone through the eyes of love, we see their true potential. We see that everyone is a loving gift, of exceptional value. Some people are easy to love, and fit our life-like a custom-made glove. And then there are the people in our lives who are difficult to bear. They challenge us constantly, pushing us forward and making us grow. Thank G’D for them too, for if it weren’t for the challenges they give you, and all the things they put you through; you wouldn’t be the same amazing person you are today. For it is in facing our fears, and over coming our challenges that we grow each day; to become the people we have the potential to be. The darker the night, the brighter your light has the potential to shine.

My daughter loves to listen to CMT while she is getting ready for work. This morning as I was lying on the couch listening to the music with her, Blake Shelton was singing “G’D Gave Me You.” That song really woke me up, as it went so perfectly with the dream I just had. How beautifully G’D’s spirit orchestrates events to bring us messages of Divine undying love.  This message is so clear to me, everyone who is near and dear to me, G’D has given me to love.

So here I am, writing this down to let you know what a Blessing you are!  To each and every one of you, I Love you for who and what you are! I want you to be your highest and truest expression of who you really are. Move beyond your fears and obsessions. Do not look to possessions to define who you are. You are already a magnificent creation; a beautiful shining star. You are an expression of Divine love; here now to experience life as you truly are.

Love is the deepest well within your heart, that part of you that really sets you apart. When you allow love to be your guiding light, you are living your highest truth.  It is now that you are meant to shine. Remember the song, “This Little Light of Mine?” Well my friend, we each are Love’s Light, meant to bring an end to the darkness of bitter night! So let us all stand up together and let it shine!

You are Love’s gift to me, and to everyone you meet. G’D gave me you! How very Blessed we all are! My invitation to you, is to take time to notice the many gifts in your life. The people who are there for you through thick and thin; the people who love you no matter what shape you are in. The ones who hold you up when your life is caving in; they are G’Ds special gifts to you. Let them know how very much they mean to you! And yes, let us remember each day to say thank you to the One who makes this all possible, the One who will always be there loving you. Each day I thank G’D for giving me each one of you!

Thank you, for Being the Blessing that you each are! Thank you for allowing Love’s Light to shine, so brightly in this little life of mine!

Loving you in all that you do!

Kerrie UniFaith

Always allow Love to be your guiding light, and everything will turn out right.


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Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day, what a wonderful reminder it is, that Love is in the air! A Love so abundant that we all can be filled to the brim; and overflow with love for everyone the Universe sends our way. What a magnificent vision Love brings to us each day, that we open ourselves to its embrace. My challenge to you this day, is to allow Love to flow through you every day, as if it were Valentine’s Day, and everyone you meet is your beloved. For each person is a unique expression of the Love that formed us all. The Beloved is present in every heart, and Love is the most intricate part of our inner being.

Celebrate Love’s sweet embrace with every breath you take. For Life is the greatest gift, and the most magnificent adventure we are being blessed with!

To Love one another is the greatest admonition and our life’s true mission. Forget not you are the sweetest person you will ever know, now take that Love and let yourself glow. You can be Love’s Light to everyone you know!

May your life today be blessed in more way’s then you can imagine. May Love embrace your heart, and guide you forever more. Your journey is filled with many amazing opportunities to show Love’s light and make fear take flight. You are the one who can bring a kinder vision, filled with Love’s abundant provision’s; into every aspect of your daily life.

My Love to each and all of you today, and every day you are blessed with! Namaste!

Kerrie UniFaith

When in doubt as to what to do, always allow love’s pure light to guide you on your way.

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