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Today, as I was out walking with my grandson, enjoying the beautiful Indian summer weather we are having; I began to contemplate a very large and magnificent tree along our route. The tree was covered in large luxurious green leaves. As I studied the leaves more closely I observed that each leaf had its own unique spot on the tree; many were in close proximity to each other, but each ones position and resulting view of the sun was completely different. Depending on their position some received their best light in the morning, others at mid day or late afternoon. Each leaf reflected the sun’s light at a different time, and at a slightly differing angle, but all had the same source for their nourishment. Although different, no one leaf has a more valid view of the sun then any other. Each leaf’s view is unique due to their position on the tree; all views are equally valid nonetheless.

How much like these leaves, might we be? Physically we all share the same planet, we all require sustenance. Emotionally we seek happiness and wish to avoid suffering. Spiritually we each have our own view of the Divine, based on both what we have been taught, and on our own personal experience or view of the Divine from our present place in this life.

Spiritually could we also be like the leaves all on the same tree; yet each one with our own unique experience, and view of the sun’s light (the Divine)? I find the idea very appealing.

In my personal experience, I consider the Divine to be the source of all that is, and all that is exists within the living presence of the Divine. We each have been given the gift of experiencing life here. We each possess a portion of the amazing life force energy that animates all that is. May I suggest here, that what you hold within you is equally beautiful and equally valuable to all the other gifts bestowed by the Great Spirit upon each of his children. No one is less valuable in the sight of God. Each one of you is most precious and unique, your view although perhaps different from another’s is just as valid for you, as their view is for them.

May the Divine Spirit from which we all live and move and have our being, ever bless you.


Kerrie UniFaith

When in doubt as to what to do, let love be your guiding light.


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