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Today as my son and I were reading from our daily inspirational book, “The Book of Jewish Values” by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin we came across a story so good I desired to retell it here. I hope you also enjoy this beautiful story on sharing with others.

First let me mention that the Talmud teaches that “the purpose of the entire Torah is to establish peace.” (Gittin 59b) In the interest of spreading peace and good feelings between all human kind it dictates:

“We must provide help for the non-Jewish poor as well as for the Jewish poor; we must visit non-Jews when they are sick as well as our fellow Jews when they are sick; and we must attend to the burial of their dead as well as the burial of our own dead; for these are the ways of peace.” (Babylonian Talmud, Gittin 61a)

And now without further delay let me share with you the wonderful story which originates in Yita Halberstam Mandelbaum’s book ” Holy Brother.”

“He was about six feet two, white as a sheet, and had stringy blond hair cascading down to his shoulders. His rumpled torn and dirty clothes emitted a dank and sour odor. Yet only moments before, seemingly oblivious to the offensive smell, Shlomo Carlebach had led the young man proudly to my side, his arm draped warmly around his shoulder, exclaiming cheerfully “sister Anne will gladly help you!” Surreptitiously Shlomo whispered into my ear, “Please give him as much food as he wants to eat.”

I sprang to my feet, and ran into the kitchen and heaped generous amounts of food onto a plate. In a matter of minuets the young man had devoured the meal, so I went back into the kitchen for seconds. This too was consumed rapidly, so I went back again for more.  Finally, when he appeared satisfied, I looked at his blond hair and blue eyes and blurted out rather impolitely, “Are you Jewish?”

“No ma’am” he replied courteously. “I am a Christian from Texas.”

“So how’d you end up at our shul dinner?” I asked.

His eyes lifted heavenward, “I was sitting on a bench in Central Park late this afternoon, when your Rabbi  walked by. I had never met or seen him before, but he took one look at me, turned around and walked right up to me. With the kindest eyes and sweetest smile, he asked ever so gently; “Brother, do you need a meal?” I started to cry and gratefully told him yes, I desperately did. He gave me the name and address of your synagogue, and told me to come right over. He said there was good food and plenty of it. That’s how I came to be here tonight. I really don’t know what I would have done if your Rabbi hadn’t come by,” the blond Texan said slowly. I’ll tell you honestly this is the first meal I’ve eaten in three days. “When he walked right up to me and asked “Brother, do you need a meal?” I said to myself This man here is surely an angel from God.”

I hope that this story will help us both remember that every day we each have the opportunity somewhere, to someone to be, “an angel of God” sent to help them in their hour of despair.

Love and Light to all, Namaste, Shalom, Salaam & Blessed Be

Kerrie UniFaith

When in doubt as to what to do, let love always guide you through”


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