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When others hurt us…

Today as I was outside playing with my grandson I had an unfortunate experience which provided me with an object lesson for today. My grandson was splashing and playing very happily in a small out-door pool as I watched him. I was also talking to my son on the phone. While talking I happened to rest my hand on a clothes line pole I was standing by. Seeing some movement out of the corner of my eye I looked and too late saw that a family of wasps lived inside the pole I was standing by. As a searing pain in my arm brought home the reality of the situation, I grabbed my grandsons towel and scooped him up to quickly run inside.

Once we were safe inside and he was playing in the bathtub, I cleaned and cared for my sting. I was most grateful my grandson was unharmed and I only have one sting.

Now as I contemplate this event it occurs to me that sometimes we may upset others by our actions or words; without meaning to do so. Like I did today when I upset the wasp by inadvertently disturbing their home. How often may my words or actions upset others even though I intend no harm? Even if I do nothing to upset another could it be that when they lash out at me, it is because they are already upset due to the words or actions of another or perhaps due to their own pain and frustrations?

My thought is that when another lashes out at us, we do not need to react in return with anger ourselves over the incident. For example even though the thought is tempting I do not have to kill the wasps. I can simply respectfully avoid them; after all they did not attack me until I disturbed their home. For nearly and hour as we sat just next to them and played, they left us alone.

We do have options to choose from on how we will handle the situation. We can react with anger in return and feel fully justified in doing so, or we may calm ourselves by breathing deeply, and remember in confrontational situations we can stop and consider that there could be many reasons for the anger of another. We can choose to not take it personally and respond quietly and respectfully instead.

Next time someone blows up at you, as long as your safety isn’t compromised consider utilizing the old proverb which says “A soft answer turns away wrath.” Kindness never goes out of fashion. May G’D Bless you all.

Namaste and My Love to you all!

Kerrie UniFaith

Whenever anything negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it, although you may not see it at the time.

Eckhart Tolle

When in doubt as to what to do, simply let love be your guiding light, for Love will see you through.


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Today on my walk I observed two things which brought life lessons to my awareness. First, as I walked along my favorite path, I observed a stray cat ahead of me on my path. She was obviously nervous about my presence and ran ahead of me. Sensing her discomfort and not wishing to disturb her I slowed my pace. I thought kindly of her and did my best to portray gentleness in my movements. She took the opportunity I gave her by slowing down, to exit into the surrounding bushes where she felt safe.

Now while on the surface this may seem like an uneventful moment, upon examining it more closely I can deduce a deeper meaning. To the cat I appeared as a possible threat or danger. Even though my intentions were kind and I wished her no harm, she was unable to perceive me as I intended to be. This thought led me to consider, how often in my daily interactions with others are my actions perceived as I intend them to be? What actions can I take to bring my intentions more in line with what others may perceive? Do my words and actions accurately reflect my inner purpose?

Through careful observation of ones surroundings and the reactions of others to ourselves we can find the answers that we seek. If we look carefully others will show us a reflection of ourselves, as they see us to be. If what you see is not what you would like it to be, I invite you to slow down and consider how you may change your approach to one in which others may more clearly see the love you intended to convey. The gentle path can be a far more peaceful way to add meaning to your life.

My second observation occurred as I carefully examined the bark of my favorite tree. Upon its rough surface are clinging vines that climb high into its boughs, and tiny insects intent upon their daily journey. Even though the area in which I live is very hot and dry at present, we often receive heavy rain showers which water this green and fertile plain. On the trees surface I can see dried mosses and lichen waiting for the rains to return and give them new life.

As I considered all the life forms intertwined with that of the trees, I contemplated what is my life environment conducive to? Am I nourishing and supportive to others in their growth, like the tree is to the vines and insects there? Do I allow myself the potential for further growth when the right conditions appear, like the moss and lichen? Is my life in harmony with my environment like the birds who nest in the thick branches of the tree? Do I reach up to my full potential, even as the tree reaches ever up towards the sky? If my branches are cut back or my trunk broken by life’s stormy traumas, will I grow back and find a new way to thrive, even as this tree broken by a storm continued on its growth around the injury?

What is my life environment most prepared for? Only I can nourish myself in this moment to encourage the growth within me. In order for my inner growth to take place, it is essential that I take time to contemplate all that is in my life, and all that I wish for there to be in my experience here. To begin our journey from where we are to that which we wish to become, we must take time to really see the reflections of ourselves in others; and the object lessons present in our surroundings each day.

Thank you to each of you who chose to quietly consider my thoughts today. May your own journey be as uplifting or adventurous to you as you wish it to be.

Namaste, With Love and Light  Kerrie UniFaith

May Love ever be your guide, to journey with you at your side.

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