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Observing Bee’s

In my meditation, I sat on a hill overlooking a lovely mountain meadow. As I contemplated the meadow below I saw it was filled with an amazing and lovely variety of wild flowers. Their colors created an orchestra of dazzling beauty for my eyes. Their sweet scents perfumed the air. Closing my eyes I could hear the soft buzzing of the bee’s.  Moving softly closer I sat among the flowers in my mind, I could see.  Here every flower was visited with equal care by the busy bee’s. No flower was unaccepted, no one was left out. I watched throughout the day, and saw that the greatest thing to ever be expressed is well-known among the bees.

Love is a pure acceptance of all that is. All we need is here before us. The Divine made every flower as it is. All are lovely to behold. The bee’s like ministering spirits or angels from above, come and gather nectar from the sweetness of your heart. The pollen or actions of your life they will carry far. The honey made from the sweetness of each flower is the essence of who you really are.

We are all one, united by loves nectar deep within us. Each of you are loved and accepted as you are. No one is left out or unaccepted by the Great and Loving One. If you do not believe me, simply ask the bee’s, they will show you this metaphor to be true. Love is who you really are.

Namaste, Blessed Be, Salaam, Shalom, Peace be with you all.

Kerrie UniFaith

“Do only that which is right.”

When in doubt as to what is right, let love be your guiding light.


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We Are One

I pray we, all children of the earth, no matter our path to enlightenment, come to realize that we are one. We may walk our own paths, but we are not alone, for we walk at the same time, toward the same end/beginning. From our individual perspectives, be we Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Taoist, or Hindu, are the same. I pray that we all feel the love of our Creator(s) and by example learn to see each other as brothers and sisters, allowing the boundary lines of religion to fade away. May the Lord and Lady bless your path. May you always have enough, and may you give enough in return. Blessed Be.


Namaste,  Kerrie UniFaith

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