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Goddess of the hearth, beat strong and pure in the heart of my home.

Lord of the threshold, keep vigilant guard over the entrance to my home.
Spirits of the land, keep watch throughout the yard of my home.
God of the borders, stand ready to repulse all disorder from my home.


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All of us face many setbacks and confusing circumstances at different periods in our lives. Sometimes it may seem the unpredictable is more frequent in occurring then the predictable.

It is during times like these that it can be especially difficult to make any rational sense of the apparent chaos we are living in. At first glance there may seem to be no rhyme or reason to it. If you are able to mentally take a step back from the events confronting you, in order to view the larger picture as it unfolds; you will begin to see a higher purpose to it all.

I once had the opportunity to experience this in a very profound way.  During an acupuncture treatment I had a shamanic vision, in which I first beheld a Native American Eagle dancer in full regalia dancing to the steady drumming of Indian drums, as the music accompanied him. Lulled by the music I watched him dance, as my awareness shifted he transformed into a real Eagle. He carried me high into the sky where all the troubles of my life seemed so very small and far away. Among the many profound things my Eagle guide taught me that day was this important lesson. Things are never truly as they seem, and when one learns to look at the larger picture, all these hurtful things that give us grief in our daily lives begin to take on a new perspective. No problem given us is insurmountable. All are orchestrated for our benefit and eventual growth. It is in the very struggle to rise above the suffering, that we grow the most. When we are ready the teacher appears, the answer to your questions will come. Do not lose hope, the great hand of immeasurable love is guiding your life.

Even as a butterfly hatching from its cocoon, or a chick from its egg must undergo the struggle to be free, before it can experience its life. We too must experience obstacles to overcome, and trials to rise above, before we can fully appreciate the beauty of the full experience available to us here. Without suffering and struggle very little growth occurs. Look to nature often and observe her ways. For hidden in every wooded glade, are many object lessons for one willing to take the time to observe, and learn from them.

When your set backs, and trials come, greet them not with despair, for they are not the enemy initial appearances make them seem to be. They are friends in disguise, come to assist you in your needed growth. Rejoice knowing you will not be left alone to face these times of suffering. Always the Universe will send you whatever it is you need most to overcome your obstacles. Watch for the hidden meanings in your daily struggle. Watch for the little gifts along your way, perhaps something as simple as a heart-shaped pebble along your path, left like a love note from the Universe to reassure you. You are not alone, you are loved, your ultimate good is being shaped on the giant potters wheel of life. Even though at times you feel slapped and pounded into shape, steady pressure is being applied to shape and mold you into the beautiful vessel you are meant to be. Namaste.

Kerrie UniFaith

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In Loving memory of Quintine Jeffery Alexander Schmidt, who Blessed this earth with his beautiful presence from March 27 2010 to October 12th 2010.

Little feet now dance and play on heaven’s softest grasses
Little hands clap as Angels dance and sing Praises to the King,
Smiling softly he holds heavens newest arrival in his arms
Jesus kisses his soft golden curls, then carries him lovingly
Pointing out all the beautiful sights, and people there.
Though deeply missed by those who loved him here on earth
He is safe and happy, cradled in the arms of love.

Kerrie UniFaith

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When Angels come on silent wings

Softly whispering so as not to wake

The sleeping soul they’ve come to take

Peacefully, quietly, softly, home

No more this earth for now to roam

In quiet repose the shell contains

One last message with these refrains

With you now, only my love remains.

Kerrie UniFaith

In loving memory of all who have passed this way.

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It truly saddens me to see all the headlines of abuse neglect and cruelty. It grieves me to see the resent stories of bullying and abuse towards homosexual young people, and any others who are different as well. These young people were abused to the point that they committed suicide to escape the abuse. From personal experience I know of a young man who was a friend of my daughters in middle school, who committed suicide because he could not bear the rejection of his parents and peers. He left his boy friend a note saying he was sorry but he could not take the pain anymore. His boyfriend, who was also a friend of my daughters was devastated by the loss of his friend.  While talking to a new friend as we waited in a Doctors office recently, she told me of a young man her family knew. He was really a good kid, very sensitive and kind to others. Because he liked to dress in gothic clothing and wore facial jewelry he was treated very badly by many people including school officials. The Principal of his school gave him a ultimatum that he had to stop dressing that way or he could not attend their school. Tragically that very night he hung himself.

Unfortunately there are far to many more examples of intolerance and cruelty in our world today. This breaks my heart to see that we as human beings can be so heartless and cruel to anyone we consider different or inferior to ourselves.

Why does being different have to be a cause for being singled out for abuse? All of creation was created in vast diversity. That is part of the beauty of this earth, the incredible variety of the plants, animals and people upon it.

If I could replace one belief in the hearts of man, it would simply be this: the belief in superiority, I would replace it with a belief in the equality of all living beings. Many a holocaust has come from the belief of one group being superior to another, so they can justify exterminating the “inferior group.” This is what is happening on a smaller scale in our schools. The majority has come to the conclusion that they are superior to the kids who are different, and thus justifying in their minds the cruelty they are treating their fellow students with.

If only Parents and Educators alike will join forces to teach a new concept to our young people. One of love and acceptance and tolerance to those who are different from ourselves. I know many are trying to do this and I applaud their efforts. From the growing scale of the problem however it is obvious we all need to do more to reach these young people with a message of love, hope and acceptance.

The golden rule to treat others as you would be treated very much applies to this entire situation. If we could but see that we are the people who can solve this, by reaching out to the people around you with love and compassion. Be kind to each other, listen to each other. Be a friend to those in need. Be kind to the friends your children bring home. You may be the one who gives them the hope to carry on. The light of hope will not go out as long as there are people who care enough to make a difference in the lives of others.

I know from a personal level the pain of  both sides of the coin. As a child and teenager I was at times cruel to others. I deeply regret it, and long to make amends. Even as an adult I have done many things I deeply regret. Once done things cannot be undone, but we can learn from our past mistakes, and endeavor to do better. On the flip side of the coin I too have experienced abuse and rejection from others. It is very hard to get through this unscathed. I did not escape unscathed, but I did escape. It can take many years and a great deal of help to heal from life events like these.

We need to create programs in our communities and schools to help address the needs of our hurting young people whose hearts are breaking from the rejection and abuse they are facing in their lives today. Young hearts who are hungry for the love and acceptance they need to survive and thrive.

If we keep waiting for someone else to do something about this, nothing will ever be done. We need to take a stand ourselves and commit to make a difference before any more lives are needlessly lost.

Will you join me in seeking to be the one they can come to when their world is falling apart? Will you join with me and be the one who lets them know they are loved, and accepted? These young people are children of the Divine. They are gifts given to us to love and cherish. How long will we stand silently by as they perish for lack of the love and acceptance they truly need.

Namaste my Friends. May you be the light that is needed now wherever you may be. Let your light so shine…

Kerrie UniFaith

Please see the below link to Ellen DeGeneres video on this subject.


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Loving the unLovely

In my line of work I work with people who are challenged more than the rest of us. They have come into this world with simpler minds, and various handicaps that make their lives more difficult than what many of us face. Many of them have health problems as well.

Yet each one of these dear people also has a gift of some kind that makes them wondrously unique, which is very fitting in Gods great plan, as all of his children each bear this same wonderful uniqueness.

At first glance you may think yourself to be superior to these people who are in some ways so very different from ourselves. Should you pause and spend some time with them however, and get to know them on a human level, you will see they are not so very different after all. Their minds may remain those of a child as their bodies age, but inside still lives a very special being, with Spiritual gifts to share with those who take the time to learn from them. The reward of working with these people, is far greater than any irritation or difficulty faced in dealing with them on a daily basis..

I see around me many other’s as well, each with their difficulties to face, each with a burden to bear. Even those of us who arrive on Earth with a healthy body and fully functioning mind often acquire difficulties and challenges as we progress through our lives. Some of these burden’s drive those who bear them to another place entirely it seems. They seem to change so drastically from who we once knew, to what appears to be an entirely different person. We might see an occasional glimpse of the one we remember now and then, but for the most part they appear to have gone, and only their shell remains attempting to function in this life.

Now you might say they are crazy, dirty and homeless. They are a worthless drunk or drug addict, a cheap whore, so many titles can be named. Underneath that exterior somewhere, under the pain and self abuse still beats a human heart. Somewhere nearby a human soul lies buried beneath years of pain and sadness beyond what could consciously be born.

Never think it a wasted effort to extend a hand in kindness, or to give a sandwich or perhaps a cup of coffee to someone in need. In truth each one of these is your brother, or sister. True they are lost in a wilderness of pain. They are not yet beyond the point of no return. They can still be found. There is hope, as long as you continue to care.

I am not suggesting becoming an enabler, or to put yourself in harm’s way. What I am suggesting is to see the connection we all share, and to care for those less fortunate or unlovely ones in whatever ways that you can. For it is in showing Love and Compassion to others that we hold out the light of hope for us all.

Namaste, and Love to all!

Kerrie UniFaith

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Today, as I was driving to the Post Office I observed a happy Dog running and playing on the grass ahead. He paused to sniff things with obvious delight, and then joyously bounded up a small grassy hillside, tail waving like a flag of triumph behind him.

Now what you might ask is inspiring about a dog crossing my path? Well I am glad you asked, I often ask myself questions like that.

What Inspired me about the dog, was his pure sence of joy and abandon to the moment. He was experiencing the simple joy of  being. The dog was not worried about future concerns or bogged down with past failures. He was supremely happy to simply be, and to experience what was happening now.

How much do we miss on a daily basis, by being distracted, lost in thought, worrying over some possible future concern, or obsessing over a past event?

How long has it been since you let yourself simply be, and see the way the leaves dance in the breeze, reflecting sparkles of light to accompany the constant chorus of insect and bird songs that fill the air? Have you noticed how soft and cool grass feels under your bare feet? Do you enjoy how fresh and crisp the cooler fall air feels? Have you seen how some of the leaves on the trees are starting to change color?

Next time you eat, please do yourself a favor, and actually focus on what you are eating. Taste your food, smell it, enjoy the texture and flavor. Take your time and enjoy your meal

When you are home with your family, look at them, and smile. Listen to what they have to say. Do something fun together. Do not worry about anything else, just be in the moment, share the joy of living with everyone around you that you care about. Experiencing life in the moment will really be a gift to yourself, and to all who know you as well.

Now if you will excuse me for a moment, I am going to step outside  to feel the joy of the moment myself. Happy trails to you!


Kerrie UniFaith

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